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Main features

A multi-tasking program that meets the needs of all commercial activities


Attractive design

The display screens are designed in colors that are comfortable for the eyes, long work, and can be changed to the night mode


Tree View accounts

Accounts can be customized and linked automatically, with ease and flexibility to control and modify account management


Accounting restrictions

Entries from beginning to end that are collected in an orderly manner to display accurate and detailed accounting reports


high speed

The data is processed according to an automatic flow system that provides speed in displaying pages regardless of the number of users


easy to use

All pages are in one format, so you will need to use one window and then you will be familiar with dealing with the rest of the pages


Free support

An integrated team of technicians and developers equipped with all the tools to support our customers 24/7 for all aspects of operating errors.

How does the site work

Accounts and accounting entries are managed automatically, and various tasks can be managed easily and efficiently


sign in

Giving powers to users and defining user sections


Define accounts

Registration of accounts related to the commercial activity


Definition of products

Add products and their images in groups according to warehouses

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Pay For What You Use.

Choose the most suitable service for your needs with reasonable price.

Plan 1 58.3 /month
  • Community support
  • 3 users
  • 1 warehouse
  • 1 currency
  • 1 Branch
  • does not include an online store
Plan 2 83.3 /month
  • 24/7 support
  • 5 users
  • 2 warehouse
  • 2 currency
  • 1 Branch
  • Online store
Plan1 3 100 /month
  • 24/7 support
  • 7 users
  • 3 warehouse
  • 3 currency
  • 1 Branch
  • Online store
Plan 4 183.3 /month
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited users
  • 4 warehouse
  • 5 currency
  • 1 Branch
  • Online store

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yeah . The program contains more than 25 currencies whose prices are updated according to the global exchange rate, and new currencies can be added or existing currencies modified. You can sell in a currency different from the currency of purchase, and you can specify a main currency for all accounting operations.

Yes .. there is a value-added account so that the percentage can be modified according to the laws of the country. The added value is kept according to the time and date, so that the added value can change while preserving the old accounts that have a different value.

Yeah . There are employee affairs. Salaries and wages are calculated automatically, unpaid vacations deduction, absence deduction, bonuses and overtime are added. You can add a full archive of employees regarding contracts and covenants.

The materials are manufactured and assembled through the smart manufacturing management wizard so that it collects the items according to the required quantity, the required quantities are cut from the specified warehouses, and the raw materials that have not been sold

Yes, there is an online store linked to the same existing items, so that the display of items can be activated and hidden, and the store is fully managed in terms of design, payment methods, customer follow-up and shipments. The accounts are shown combined with the rest of the accounts in one budget.

Yes, the validity date of the items is determined as an additional option in the items, and the expiry date is recorded from the purchase invoices, and the materials are taken out from the warehouse according to the date of entry with a detailed report according to the remaining quantities.

The user's permissions are determined by the job type, so that only the dedicated sections are shown. And the rights to display the pages are determined by the administrator, so that they can view or restrict access to the specified pages. All transactions are recorded according to the user and the branch assigned to him. There is also a separate log-in log so that the user's location can be viewed.

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